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Buy Small Wood Pellet Mill for Processing Better Fuel

Wood Pellet Introduction

Wood pellet, namely pellet made from wood. The Equipment for making wood pellet is called wood pellet making machine, or wood pellet mill. With the increasing worse of environment, green energy seeking has been the hot topic around the world. 

Wood pellet, as one renewable energy resource, with the advantges of high combustion value, low ashes produced during combustion, easy to burn, less cost in production and transportation etc. getting high praise from global people. And more and more people buy small wood pellet mill, also called mini pellet mill to make their own wood pellet fuel.

Raw materials for small wood pellet making equipment

Wood Wastes Sawdust, Wood chips, barks, shavings, leaves, branches, furniture waste, wood stem, woos logs etc.
Crop Residues Crop straws, crop stalks, rice bran, coconut shell, corn cobs, rice bran, grass, sugarcane pulp, hay etc.
Others Bamboo chips, palm kernel shells, waste paper, aniaml manure etc.

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Why Buy Small Wood Pellet Mill?

Small wood pelleting mill is designed with small scale production capacity, but it has various applications.

  • Making Fuel For Self-use

For self-use, it generally means homemade wood pellet fuel. With small size, you can put it in everywhere easily. The final wood pellet can be used for cooking and heating, especially for the people who spend the winter, they can buy one small wood pellet mill for making cheap fuel at home, reducing daily cost in winter.

  • Making Fuel for Sale

According to the demand of local people, you can also making wood pellets for sale. Then you may need to build the small wood pellets plant, with complete equipment for making higher quality wood pellet fuel.

Small Wood Pellet Mill Plant

To setup a wood pellet plant, you should learn more about wood pellet production process, it mainly composed of crushing, drying, pelleting, cooling and packing. But the process is not all necessary, we can customize the small wood pellet production line for you according to your actual condition and requirement. (Related article: straw pellet making machine)

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  • Investing Small Wood Pellet Mill Line for Startups

Wood pellet making machine has bright future and prospect, at the same time, small wood pellet machine is manufactured with small size, simple structure, low price, low energy consumption, easy to operate and maintain, very suitable for new investors to start new business. We have professional manufacturing team and senor business plan projects managers to offer you the professional guidance in make small wood pellet plant.

If you want to make your own wood pellets for better fuel
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