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Make Your Own Straw Pellets

Straw is an agricultural by-product that makes up about half of the grain harvest and is usually stacked in a straw pile, a pile of straw that is securely bound with twine or wire. The straw pile may be square, rectangular or round, depending on the type of baler used. Every year, after the grain harvest season, agricultural waste that was once considered useless, from straw, wheat stalks, peanut hulls to maize stalks, is turned into a treasure and pressed into high quality strips by means of pellet forming technology. What can straw be used for? How do you make straw pellets?

Cost-effective Straw Pellets Production Mill for Sale
How to Make Your Own Straw Pellets?

Straw pellets are an impeccable alternative to regular hay or straw and can be used as bedding for horses or different animals. In addition to being difficult to dump, straw pellets can also be transported conservatively for longer separation.Learn more information to start your business plan, please contact ABC Machinery, we will provide you with a high-quality straw pellet machine at a factory price.

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The emergence of the straw pellet mill has saved us a lot of important energy, reduced environmental pollution and is a good piece of environmentally friendly equipment. Today we come to understand the five main benefits of straw pellet mills

  • To reduce the economic burden of farmers, to help farmers employment and income.

  • To help protect the energy supply and improve the efficiency of energy use.Both can ease the situation of coal supply tension, but also to avoid the waste caused by the low efficiency of rural coal.

  • To reduce carbon dioxide emissions and clean the atmosphere.

  • It is conducive to achieving sustainable development. Biomass is a renewable energy source and its sustainability is better than that of non-renewable energy sources such as oil, natural gas and coal.


Procedure of Making Straw Pellets

1. Chipping of the forested areas utilizing the drum in good spirits. This involves handling of the used to guarantee they have required sizes that is thought to be under 6mm.
2. Screening. You ought to screen the crude materials to guarantee they have no debasements
3. Drying of the crude materials. You ought to dry the crude materials utilizing the drum dryer when you have a standard wood pellet plant. This is fundamental in guaranteeing the crude materials have the required dampness content for the working of the pellet process.
4. Pelleting. You will then be relied upon to drive the pellets with the required dampness content and the best possible size through the bite the dust gap of the straw pellet mill with awesome weight. The high weight is basic in expelling hot and milder pellets.
5. Cooling. You ought to cool the hot pellets to guarantee that they get solidified and reinforced utilizing air cooling.
6. Packaging. The solidified and fortified pellets can then be bundled for assurance and to guarantee comfort amid dissemination.
7. Storage and Transportation. You ought to store the pellets in dry conditions in storehouses, holders or tanks. You can without much of a stretch disseminate the bundled pellets in mass utilizing trucks and different vehicles.

Straw Pellets Production Line
Small Straw Pellet Production Line at Factory Price  

What is the role of straw pellets

  • 1. Used as fuel for heating system

Straw pellets are an environmentally friendly clean energy source, with high heat content, high density, low moisture content and long burning time. They can be easily stored and transported.

  • 2. Bedding for animals

Soft straw pellets are known for their moisture absorption, accelerated purification, cost reduction, reduction of dust particles in the air and ammonia odour control. When used as bedding for animals, straw pellets only need to be replaced daily for soiled parts, and these can also be used as fertiliser for farmland.

  • 3. Used as pellet feed for livestock

Feed pellets have a high hardness, a smooth surface and sufficient internal maturity to facilitate the digestion and absorption of nutrients. In addition, general pathogenic microorganisms and parasites can be killed. Feeding animals is both easier and cleaner than mixing powdered feeds

We can make a higher profit from the pellets than from mixed feed.

Video of Wheat Straw Pellets and Its utilizations

Although many yields like rape, grain, triticale and rye can be successfully squeezed to make straw pellets, the most important is the wheat. The wheat has light shading and great absorption esteem.

Unlike wood, the thickness of wheat straw is much lower which implies it requires less energy to do the pressure. So wheat straw pellet press with one of a kind level kick the bucket configuration is absolutely equipped for compacting wheat straw pellets and it can likewise to a great extent diminish your expenses. Straw pellet machine offered by us is able to manage wheat straw and other ago-straw. It has a high pellet profitability rate however requires a low vitality input. For the ones who might want to maintain a neighborhood pellet fuel business, straw pellet plant is the astute decision!


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