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Make Fertilizer Pellets from Cow Dung

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Cow dung has a wide range of uses in agriculture. It is a major fertilizer for the production of mushrooms and a quality fertilizer for fruits and vegetables. However, there are two things to note about cow manure as fertiliser: firstly, it must be fermented, otherwise it will burn the seedlings and the roots; secondly, it is best to use cow manure as a base fertilizer, as it is slow to produce fertility and has a high salt content, making it suitable for use as a base fertilizer. In rural areas, many farmers use cow manure as a good organic fertilizer, turning it into treasure and gaining a profitable business opportunity.

Making Cow Dung into Fertilizer Pellets
Making Cow Dung into Fertilizer Pellets

Having insights into how to make cow dung into fertilizer pellets is quite vital. If you have been using, or intend to use, cow dung as manure in your farm, maybe you are already aware of some of the challenges that this form of application can occur. The following is a  guide on the process of animal manure as fertilizer production and how to start fertilizer business with limited cost in Tanzania, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana, South Korea, etc.If you want to know more about the cow manure for fertilizer business, please don't hesitate to contact us!

how to start your own production line with best business plan

Reasons for the Boom in the Bu​siness of Cow Dung Pellets as Fertilizer

For a start unprocessed cow dung is quite heavy to transport. The high moisture content makes it heavy and increases its volume. All these make it very difficult to transport, handle, store and finally utilize biomass in its original form. Definitely, this means you will incur high costs transporting and storing components you actually don’t need in the dung. 

cow dung fertilizer pellets

Benefit of Cow Dung Pell​ets as Fertilizer

Secondly, you cannot ensure uniformity of the materials in the cow dung. Instead of facing all these and other challenges, you have an easy and convenient and inexpensive way of using the same dung to enrich your soil; make cow dung into fertilizer pellets. What are some of the benefits of compost pellets?
Nutritional Content of Air-dried Cow Manure
crude protein crude fat crude fibre nitrogen-free leachate calcium phosphorus
13.74% 1.65% 43.6% 22.94% 1.40% 0.36%
  1. Pellets are much cheaper to transport. The final volume of pellets you get from a given quantity of cow dung is usually 50 – 80 % of the original compost. By further compressing these pellets you can reduce their volume and that way enhance their transportability.
  2. The resultant compactness of the pellets ensures you will require less storage space for this fertilizer during the off season.
  3. Pellets are quite suitable for mechanized spreading since they are comparatively uniform in quality and size, they can be applied using various kinds of machinery that you might already be having.
  4. Pellets do not generate dust thus you can freely spread them to areas of your farm that are just next to your residence.

Analysis of Factors Affecting Prices:Characteristics of High Quality Pellets

You should strive to make pellets that have several appealing qualities for instance:
  • The pellets should be durable enough to retain their shape while in transit to different parts of the farm. They should be easy to spread by machine.
  • The nutrient content and quality should be constant.
  • Your pellets should not deteriorate over prolonged storage.
Animal Dung as Fertilizer Pellets Equipment
Animal Dung as Fertilizer Pellets Equipment
Animal Manure Extruder
Animal Manure Extruder

Production Process on How to Make Cow Dung into Fertilizer Pellets

A pellet making machine is vital in this process. There are many types of pellet making machines but generally they are categorized as either extruders or pellet disks. The easy process starts with making the compost which actually constitutes the raw material for making your pellet fertilizer. You can then mix the cow dung with the right quantities of some bulking agent such as sawdust. Ensure the compost does not contain stones or debris as these will damage the machine. The moisture content of the compost is the most critical factor that you should control.
Once your compost is ready, you need Depending on the kind of machine you intend to use in making the pellets, the content ranges from 20-40%. Watch out that the moisture content does not go too low as this might block the die of the pellet molding machine. Once your compost is ready for processing, you can use any of the available categories of pellet making machines that suit your needs to compress your fertilizer.
Process Flow of Organic Fertilizer Pellet Factory
Process Flow of Organic Fertilizer Pellet Factory

To prevent deterioration of your pellet fertilizer during storage, reduce their moisture content to around 20% or less. This will ensure your pellets do not become moldy. Making cow dung into pellets for fertilizer is an easy, affordable way of maximizing the use of the biomass from your cows.

Cow dung can be mixed with feed residues and used to raise earthworms, and can also be mixed with rice bran and fermented to feed pigs; it can also be put into eel ponds to raise eels and into fish ponds to raise fish, and fish farming is mainly for three-dimensional culture, that is, carp, grass carp and bighead carp mixed stocking. Because cow dung is the best organic fertilizer, it can be put in fish farming mainly to play a role in fertilizing water, and organic fertilizer is very effective in cultivating zooplankton.In a word, cow manure or dung briquettes are eco-friendly fuel for heating. Don't hesitate to get in touch with us for detailed solutions for manure or dung pelleting plants!


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