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How to Make Peanut Shell Pellets?

Peanut shells are the husks of a green plant and are a renewable energy source. In addition, peanut shell biomass energy raw materials can be deeply processed to produce high heat and high density pellet fuel, which can replace fossil energy sources such as coal and fuel, and is an internationally recognised clean energy source.

Peanut Shells Pellet Maker
Peanut Shells Pellet Maker

Peanut shell pellet fuel is a use of common waste peanut shell resources in the countryside after simple mechanical processing, made of granular solid fuel, mainly used to replace coal for burning use, due to the non-renewable coal pollution is not environmentally friendly, so the peanut shell briquetted fuel change came into being. ABC Machinery is a professional supplier of biomass fuel production equipment, if you are interested in building biomass pellet fuel, please  feel free to contact us!


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Five advantages of peanut shells as a raw material for pellet fuel

  • 1. Appearance.

The appearance of peanut shell pellet fuel is cylindrical, the surface is glossy, slightly lustrous, density﹥1, colour grayish yellow, outside diameter 6-9 mm, length 10-36 mm varying unit mass of peanut shell pellet fuel, the heat released when completely burned, called the calorific value of this fuel.

Making Peanut Shell Pellets As Fuel
Making Peanut Shell Pellets As Fuel

  • 2. High combustion efficiency.

The calorific value is due to the high density of peanut shell pellet fuel, so the combustion efficiency is high. When burning, the central temperature can reach more than 1100 degrees Celsius. Calorific value per kilogram can reach 3700 ~ 4000 kcal; density of 1.1 tons per cubic meter; in comparison with coal, oil, but also shows its own unique advantages.

  • 3. High fire power and low residual ash.

Peanut shell pellet fuel has the characteristics of not being deformed and scattered as a whole in combustion, and it is easy to burn. Due to high pressure forming, the pellets are dense, so they are resistant to combustion and have high fire power and temperature. Together with reasonable air distribution and sufficient oxygen supply, it can achieve secondary combustion, thus no pollution and high combustion efficiency, which is a relatively ideal clean energy.

  • 4. Clean and environmental protection.

The use of peanut shell pellet fuel, clean, environmental protection, pollution is small. Therefore, the use of peanut shell pellet fuel is an effective way to improve air quality and avoid the greenhouse effect.

  • 5. Convenient transportation and easy storage.

As the peanut shells are made into pellets, the volume is compressed nearly 9 times, so it is small in size, which is convenient for transportation and storage, greatly reducing the cost of storage and transportation.

What Equipment is needed to make peanut shell fuel pellets?

Peanut shell pelletizing production line is a kind of curing and forming equipment that compresses peanut shells or crop straw and forest harvesting residues into granular fuel through the process of dusting, compressing and shaping. The compressed fuel is small in size, dense and without any additives. It is easy to store and transport.

Parameters of the ring die pellet mill
Raw material peanut shells
Calorific value 3500-3700 Kcal/Kg
Density 1.3 t/m3
Moisture 8 %
Ash 8 %

Peanut Shells Pellets Making Machine Working Video

Peanut shell pelletizing equipment has low electrical energy consumption, high production efficiency, long mechanical operating life, low maintenance rate and other characteristics. Peanut shell stick making machine biomass fuel can replace coal, oil and other conventional energy, commonly used in industrial production, organs, enterprises and institutions, urban residents of heating and heating, residential cooking, fireplaces and tobacco farmers roasting tobacco, but also as a biomass power plant power generation raw materials.If  you want to know the lowest price of equipment,configuration,production plan,etc.,please leave us a message or contact us!




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