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BEST Pellet Mill, Pellet Plant and Biomass Briquette Machine & Plant

from ABC Machinery

ABC Machinery is a professional manufacturer of biomass pellet mill, complete pellet plant (0.25-30tph), biomass briquette machine and also biomass briquette plant. It is composed by GEMCO and KMEC, while GEMCO has been devoted to biomass densification machinery for more than 10 years. Till now, ABC Machinery has exported to over 65 countries and regions all over the world, which include Russia, USA, Australia, Malaysia, Chile, Portugal, etc. and been able to make turnkey project design for customers, do overall onsite commissioning and offer aftersales service.

Pellet Mill

Flat die pellet mill and ring die pellet mill give value to your waste biomass!

Complete Pellet Plant

Both small and large capacity (0.25-30tph) to meet personal and industrial use!

Briquette Machine

Your another choice for making use of waste wood or sawdust and make profit!

Biomass Briquette Plant

Complete briquette plant can produce biomass or charcoal briquettes for sale!

14 April
ABC Machinery Will Attend 123rd Canton Fair

ABC Machinery will attend 123rd Canton Fair (China Import and Export Fair) from Apr.15th to 19th 2018. On the exhibition, our professional biomass pellet mill engineers will answer all your questions regarding our pellet mill , pellet plant...

02 April
40HQ Container of Pellet Mills Shipped to Our USA Agent

On March 28th, a 40HQ container of pellet mills and hammer mills were shipped to our USA agent. Contact us now if you want to be our pellet mill agent for considerable profit!...

26 December
Bamboo Pellet Production Test for Malaysia Client

On November 6 th , our engineers made the pellet production test for a Malaysian client. Raw material: bamboo chips Moisture content: 25-30% Atfer crushing, drying, pelletizing and cooling, we got around 2tons of bamboo pellets. the client l...

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