Ring Die Pellet Mill

Ring die pellet mill is generally large pellet mill because of its large capacity (compared to small flat die pellet mill). It is usually used for industrial or commercial purposes, for example, investors who want to make pellets for sale or demand for large quantity would prefer ring die pellet mill, sometimes even 2 or more sets to build a complete pellet plant.

Raw material for industrial pellet mill

  • Softwood: While Pine, Red Pine, Fir, Cypress, Larch, Basswood, etc. shavings, sawdust, logs, and other forms.
  • Hardwood: Oak, Birch, Cypress, Basswood, Elm Tree, Hickory, Cherry, Larch, Maple, Poplar, etc. shavings, sawdust, logs, and other forms.
  • Other biomass: palm fiber, coconut shell, sugarcane bagasse, peanut shell, straw, stalk, etc.
  • For making animal feed please see large feed pellet mill>>
Model BPM35 BPM420 BPM508
Capacity 500-700kg/h Sawdust: 1.2-1.5T/H
Straw: 2.0-2.5T/H
Sawdust: 1.5-2.0T/H
Main Motor Power 30*2kw 90kw 110kw
Feeding Motor Power 0.75kw 1.5kw 1.5kw
Forced-feeding Motor Power 0.75kw 3kw 2.2kw
Weight 2200kg 3000kg 3700kg
Packing Size 1850*1950*1500mm 1100*2700*2000mm 1200*2900*2000mm

Features of our ring die pellet mill

  1. The pelletizing chamber temperatue of the industrial pellet mill is controlled at 90°C by utilizing aerodynamics technology, so that the machine can operate continuously.
  2. There is a timing feeder to control the feeding amount in order to reduce material blockage.
  3. The machine body of ring die pellet mill is more durable to use than those from many other suppliers because it is made from ductile iron.
  4. It is driven by high precision gears.
  5. Users do not have to stop the pellet machine to lubricate it.
  6. This type of commercial pellet mill is controlled by PLC system, which makes it convenient to operate and saves labor cost.
  7. The power consumption is 30% less than those from other manufacturers.
  8. All the transmission parts of the pellet mill adopt high quality imported bearings and oil seals to guarantee high efficiency transmission, stability and low noise.
ring die pellet mill details

Ring die pellet mills in complete pellet plant

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Main kinds of pellets ABC large pellet mills have made

white pine, rice bran, bamboo, palm fiber pellets

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