Feed Pellet Mill

Feed pellet mill is used to process livestock, poultry and aquatic feed pellets. it can both be utilized by farm owners and those who want to make feed pellets for sale.

Raw materials of feed pellet mill

Maize/corn, soybean meal/cake, wheat bran, bone powder, alfalfa, grass, corn stalk, grain, fish powder, and other nutrition additives.

What animals need feed pellets?
Chicken, rabbit, cow, sheep, goat, cattle, pig, goose, duck, pigeon, fish, shrimp, etc.

Feed Pellet Mill Capacity Range
Small feed pellet mill: 60-800kg/h per set; Large feed pellet mill: 1-10T/h per set.

Small Feed Pellet Mill

flat die feed pellet mill

Technical parameter of small capacity livestock feed pellet mill with electric motor
Type Power Output G.W. Package size
ZLSP 120B Three phase 3kw 60-100 kg/h 77kg 800*320*740mm
ZLSP 150B Three phase 4kw 90-120 kg/h 100kg 800*350*740mm
ZLSP 200B Three phase 7.5kw 200-300 kg/h 204kg 1050*480*990mm
ZLSP 230B Three phase 11kw 300-400 kg/h 218kg 1180*520*1020mm
ZLSP 260B Three phase 15kw 400-600 kg/h 300kg 1240*540*1070mm
ZLSP 300B Three phase 22kw 600-800 kg/h 437kg 1300*560*1220mm
Note: for  diesel engine, PTO or gasoline engine driven feed pellet mills, pls contact us directly.
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What features does the fla​t die feed pellet mill have?

  • Low cost, convenient operation and maintenance.
  • All parts are made from wear-resisting materials and processed by advanced facilities.
  • High yield, energy-saving and environmental friendly.
  • It covers a small area.
  • Various power sources are available: electric motor, diesel engine, PTO, gasoline engine, you can choose according to your own needs.
feed pellet mill roller and die

The flat die feed pellet press can be used in complete feed pellet plant
small feed pellet plant

Large Feed Pellet Mill

large feed pellet mill

Technical data of large feed pellet mill
Model BPM25 BPM32 BPM35 BPM42
Capacity (t/h) 1.0-2.0 2.0-5.0 3.0-7.0 6.0-10.0
Main motor power (kw) 11*2 22*2 30*2 55*2
Feeding motor power (kw) 0.75 0.75 0.75 0.75
Conditioner motor power (kw) 2.2 2.2 2.2 5.5
Diameter of ring die  250 320 350 420
Diameter of final wood pellet 2-10 2-10 2-10 2-10
Large feed pellet mill is seldomly utilized singlely. ABC Machinery has built many large feed pellet plants overseas. If you need a large feed pellet making plant, pls contact us now.
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Large feed pellet plants built by ABC Machinery
large feed pellet plant
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