Make Chicken Manure Or Cow Dung Into Fuel Pellets/Briquettes

Manure is a major byproduct of agricultural activities. Most agricultural economies rely on livestock, and it results in a lot of fecal matter. Manure, which is organic wastage, comes from cows, buffaloes, rabbits, horses, and poultry. If not treated separately, it can be hazardous to the environment. What many people don’t realize is that manure can be a valuable, recyclable product, and simultaneously be good for the environment.

There are many forms of manure which include farmyard manure or farm slurry, a form of liquid manure. Farmyard manure may contain plants and straws which have been used to feed the livestock. Different feces have different qualities and can be used for various purposes. For example, chicken feces have concentrated amount of nitrogen and phosphate. Similarly, cattle litter also has a large amount of nitrogen.

Some of the manure can be, and currently is, used as fertilizer. However, much of it can’t be salvaged. As a result, it counts as wastage. Due to non-uniformity of fecal matter, it becomes tricky to manage and severely limits its usage. There also is a large cost involved in the storage and transportation of biomass.

However, methods have been developed to convert the biomass into dung pellets. These pellets can subsequently be converted into fuel, by burning them in a furnace. The combustion efficiency of pellets can be up to 1.5 times to that of coal, thus providing a much more sustainable fuel resource.

chicken manure cow dung pellets

Using a manure pellet machine, you can convert your animal wastes into pellets.

The pellet machine does the following job:

  1. Drying the manure – Most manure which comes from dairy and poultry contains a large amount of water, so crushing it first is not an alternative. The manure pellet machine first dries the manure completely.
  2. Crushing the manure – After drying, the machine further processes the manure by using the hammer mill, which pulverizes the dried up husks.
  3. Pelletizing – The presses inside the manure pellet machine now applies pressure to the dried manure and converts it into pellets.
  4. Cooling the pellets – The preceding processes involve a lot of heat. The next step is cooling down of the pellets.

When the manure has finally been converted into pellets, it can be used either as fuel or fertilizer.

chicken manure pellet machine

Another alternative to convert manure is to use a manure briquette making machine, which transforms feces into briquettes - compressed fuel blocks which could further burn in any machine. Briquette making machines work on similar principles as the pellet making machines, except the manure is later compressed into brick or block shaped constructions.

cow manure briquette press

Cow dung pellets, chicken dung pellets, and dung briquettes are superior and greener fuel alternatives to coal and petroleum. They are high in energy value, are easy to produce, and help improve the rural environment. In agricultural economies, the increased usage of manure pellet machines and briquetting machines can come as a boon.

Energy produced from biomass is making a big impact throughout the world. World’s largest biomass plant in the Netherlands, which runs on chicken manure, has now launched a project which would power about 1100 homes by using cattle manure as fuel. Such intelligent and sustained efforts could open new possibilities for farmers, while also helping the environment.

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