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Buying Wood Pelletizing Machine Under COVID-19 Pandemic

Buy Wood Pelletizing Machinery on Line at the Factory of ABC Machinery

With the increasing popularity of wood pellet production business, there are many ways to buy wood pellet production plant, but due to the influence of COVID-19 in these two years, buying wood pellet machines online is becoming more and more popular, so how to buy wood pellet machines online with high cost performance becomes the most important concern for buyers who intend to invest in wood pellet production industry.

Buy Hot Sale Wood Pellets Making Equipment on Line

Buy Hot Sale Wood Pellets Making Equipment on Line

Buy wood pelletizing machine with high quality and best price from ABC Machienry's factory online!

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Hot-selling Good ​Quality and Cheap Price Biomass Pellet Mill for Sale

There are two main forms of biomass pellet mills offered by Chinese suppliers or manufacturers. One is called ring die pellet mill and the other is called flat die pellet mill. (Latest Project: small pellet production line set up in Ethiopia>> )

  • Flat Die Pellet Mill

Low Cost Flat Die Pellet Making Machine for Sale
Low Cost Flat Die Pellet Making Machine for Sale

Flat die pellet mill is designed with flat die and pressure roller to process raw materials. It is more suitable for small scale wood pellet production. Although its output is relatively small compared with ring die pellet mill, it is flexible in application because it can be equipped with extractor, diesel engine, electric motor and gasoline engine.

We have many different types and models to meet different wood pellet manufacturing needs, feel free to contact us for a complete catalog and price list!

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  • Ring Die Pellet Mill

Factory Price Ring Die Pellets Making Machine
Factory Price Ring Die Pellets Making Machine 

Ring die pellet mills are used to produce industrial grade pellets with high production capacity and large processed feedstock, making them more suitable for large biomass pellet plants. As the name implies, these machines have a ring die instead of a flat die. They have a circular ring with holes. The rollers apply pressure to the inner circumference of the ring die to compress the raw material.

Advantages and Application of Biomass Wood Pelletizing Machinery

In response to the global plan of energy saving and emission reduction, the rapid development of new biomass energy market has improved the service level and output of biomass pellet production. The produced biomass pellets are mainly used in industrial boilers, thermal power generation, home heating and other industries. It has the advantages of low carbon, energy saving and environmental protection.

As a fuel instead of oil. In many cases, many aspects of oil use and extraction have an impact on our lives and the earth, so the use of high quality boiler pellets is bound to be limited by demand. Therefore, in reality, it is necessary to use high quality boiler pellets.

Today, our prices are going up, so petroleum products will also go up. The appearance of high quality boiler pellets can help us to solve this problem, because the price of oil is more expensive than other materials.

Cost-effective Biomass Wood Pellets Production Processing Video

To be successful in purchasing a cost effective wood pellet mill, you should have some information when purchasing a wood pellet mill online for your wood pellet production business.

Feel free to contact ABC Machinery and get free technical guidance on wood pellet manufacturing process and business plan to set up wood pellet plant projects in Czech Republic, Guatemala, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia and other countries at low cost.



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