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What Are the Factors Related to the Quality of Charcoal Briquette?

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The charcoal briquette we buy in accordance with the natural environment trend is certainly straight and non-curved. But why is the charcoal briquette that  we processed by ourselves bent and deformed? What's the root cause? Next, let's briefly analyze why some charcoal machine-processed carbon briquette is bent.

High Quality Charcoal Briquette
High Quality Charcoal Briquette

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Why Is Some Charcoal Machine Processed Charcoal Briquette Bent?

If charcoal briquette is bent, even if the relative density and hardness standards are perfect, then it is unqualified charcoal, which will directly affect the surface layer, and cannot sell at a good price. It can only be dealt with by splashing the price. In the long run, you can calculate whether your profit is earned or lost. After our years of production and manufacturing experience, there are two fundamental reasons for the bending of charcoal machined carbon briquette. One reason may be equipment, another reason may be raw materials. Next, let's analyze it in detail.

The Reason of Equipment

Factory Pricecharcoal Briquette Plant
Factory Pricecharcoal Briquette Plant
High Quality Charcoal Briquette Machine
High Quality Charcoal Briquette Machine

If it is the equipment, the main cause will be the charcoal briquette making machine, and the root factor is the restraint between the parts of the charcoal briquette making machine. The cross-sectional gap between the pusher of the briquette making machine and the injection molding barrel will directly affect the injection molding resistance of the original briquette making machine material, causing the basic pressure flow rate to be uneven when passing through the pusher, resulting in extrusion of the injection molding briquette and  deformation. For this reason, it is necessary to check whether the operational combination of the briquette making parts is correct  before carrying out your machine work.

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The Reason of Material

All Kinds of Raw Materials of Biomass Briquette
All Kinds of Raw Materials of Biomass Briquette

If there is nothing wrong with the equipment inspection, the problem lies in the raw materials. The water content in the original material has a certain direct effect on the charcoal briquette. If the water content of the original material is too high, the forming standard will not reach the hardness standard during the charcoal briquette making process and the stick naturally becomes curved. Therefore, the water content of the material must be controlled to an appropriate ratio before making charcoal briquette, and 8-12% is a better ratio. If you feel that the relative humidity is not well controlled, it is recommended that you buy a humidity tester, which is convenient and intuitive.

Common raw materials bamboo sawdust, peanut shells, corn cobs, bagasse, cotton stalks, corn stalks, rice husks, miscellaneous branches, etc.
Suitable water quality about 12%

Biomass briquette machine working video

Other Factors Affecting the Price of Charcoal Briquette

  • 1. Charcoal briquette not shaped.
  • 2. The charcoal briquette making machine does not produce briquette
  • 3. There is bright light on the section of the charcoal briquette, although the density is good, the hardness is not good.
  • 4. There are cracks on the surface.5. The center of the charcoal has a low density or contains scattered sawdust.

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