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4.5-6TPH Pine and Eucalyptus Pellet Plant in Chile

This project in Chile utilizes the mixture of pine and eucalyptus as raw material. The client requires capacity of the pellet plant at 4.5-6t/h, so we choose 3 sets of BPM508 wood pellet mill for him.

Pelletizing technological process:

Use 3 sets of 2t/h hammer mill to crush the raw material wood chips. After crushing, the material is transported into cyclone and to wet materail bin. The wet materail is then delivered into rotary drum dryer for drying and transported to dry material bin. After that, dry material is delivered into wood pellet mill, and after pelletizing, wood pellets are conveyed into pellet cooler and packed by pellet packing machine.

Features of this pine and eucalyptus pellet plant

  • The hammer mill is equipped with fan and dust bag to efficiently decrease dust.
  • The dryer is equipped with roaster/bolier, and a dedicated hammer mill is used to supply fuel to the boiler.
  • The heat supplied by the bolier to the drum is monitored by a thermal probe; at the rear end of the drum there is also a thermal probe to conveniently contol discharged materail moisture.
  • Drum speed, wood pellet mill and hammer mill feeding are all controlled by digital devices.
6tph pine and eucalyptus pellet plant Chile


pine and eucalyptus pellets

pellet cooler and packing machine


Please provide us with project information as much as possible:

  • For a complete project: the material availability,the required output capacity,the process technology,your budgetary and financing status,the estimated starting time,etc.
  • For singular machinery: the model,the capacity,your budgetary information,other requirements,etc.
  • For spare parts: size and dimensions,material and weight,and your drawings with details,you can send the drawing to

Detailed information is greatly helpful for us to give you the best-customized offer/quotation at the soonest time.

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