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2tph Napier Grass Pelleting Plant in Philippines

This 2tph Napier grass pelleting plant in Philippines was invested by Japanese client. It was installed and commissioned during March 23rd-May 17th, 2017.

2 Ton/h Napier Grass Pelleting Plant in Philippines
2 T/H Napier Grass Pelleting Plant in Philippines


Napier grass pelleting plant technical process

  1. Pretreatment: it is similar to that in the cane mill.
  2. Napier grass drying: this project let the Napier grass to dry in the sun, in order to save energy cost for drying.
  3. Crushing: then Napier grass passes through high effective hammer mill and rotary drying system.
  4. Pelleting: After the above process Napier grass is fed into pelleting machine which is specially designed (customized) to ensure this kind of light material can be fed into the pellet machine easily.
  5. Cooling and bagging.

Napier grass in Philippines

Napier Grass

Napier grass transported to factory

Napier Grass transported to Factory

hammer mill

Hammer Mill

rotary drum dryer

Rotary Drum Dryer

crushed Napier grass
Crushed Napier Grass and Dried Napier Grass

hammer mill and dryer

Hammer Mill and Dryer

pellet mill

Pellet mill

pellet mill installation

Pellet Mill Installation

from pelleting to cooling

From Pelleting to Cooling

Napier grass pelleting

Napier Grass Pelleting

napier grass pellets fuel

Napier Grass Pellets Fuel


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