Biomass Briquette Plant

Complete biomass briqutete plant is composed by raw material processing (may include crushser/hammer mill, dryer, etc.), conveying, briquetting (biomass briquette machine), packaging, or even carbonizing (charcoal kiln or carbonization furnace if you want to make charcoal briquettes) processes.

What raw materials can the briquetting plant process?

  • Wood wastes: sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, logs, branches, logs, etc.
  • Agricultural wastes: groundnut shell, paddy straw, sunflower stalk, cotton stalk, robacco waste, coffee husk, mustard stalk, wheat straw, soybean husk, rice husk, etc.
  • Other biomass: coconut shell, palm fiber, bamboo waste, etc.

Featrues of complete biomass briquette plant

screw briquetting plantBriquetting plant with screw briquette machine
punching briquetting plantBriquetting plant with punching briquette press
screw briquettesBriquettes made by screw briquette machine
briquettes made by punching briquetting plantBriquettes made by punching briquette press


All the machines needed for the briquetting plant

  • Hammer mill/crusher (optional): used to pulverize coarse raw materials into required size, generally less than 3mm, so that the crushed materail can meet briquetting requirements.
  • Dryer: many briquetting raw materials contain much more water than required (around 15%). Therefore, these raw materials shall be dried till the moisture content reaches required amount.
  • Conveyor: used to convey the raw materials into the briquette press evenly.
  • Biomass briquette machine: you can choose to use screw briquette press (making hollow wood briquettes or charcoal for sale), or punching briquetting machine (making round solid biomass briquettes or pellets for own use).
  • Charcoal kiln (carbonization furnace, optional): if you want to make charcoal briquettes, you need this carbonization furnace. Workers put the biomass briquettes orderly into the kiln (furnace), then seal the kiln, and ignite the waste briquettes to let the integrated biomass briquettes carbonize at high temperature (about 700 degrees Celsius). After 2-3days reaction, the charcoal briquettes are made.
  • Carbonization waste gas collection device (optional): our biomass briquette plant can strictly complete with the Environmental Protection Rules in many countries.
  • Packaging machine (optional): the biomass briquettes or charcoal briquettes can be packed for sale or for storage.complete biomass briquette plant flowchart

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