Coffee Husk and Coffee Grounds Pellets Making Test Run

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On May 3rd, 2018, we carried out the pellets making test run of coffee husk and coffee grounds for our Malaysian client. The raw materials were sent from the client. He was planning to purchase a 1-1.5TPH coffee husk pellet plant from ABC Machinery.

The original moisture content of coffee grounds (waste) was 63.3%. It is suggested by our engineers that these 2 kinds of raw materials can have the best pellet making result when pelletized seperately rather than mixed together. If you have the same raw material and want to make use of them, the coffee husk pellet mill is your ideal choice!

Also, if you have other special materials and want to have a pelletizing test, please feel free to contact us!

Coffee Husk
coffee husk
Coffee Grounds (coffee waste)
coffee grounds waste
Coffee Husk Pellets
coffee husk pellets
Coffee Grounds Pellets
coffee grounds pellets
Measuring Raw Material Moisture Content
measuring raw material moisture content
Coffee Husk & Coffee Grounds Pellets in Bags
coffee husk & coffee ground pellets in bags

Make coffee husk and coffee ground pellets

Coffee husks are the residual products that are left behind after the cultivation of coffee and the wastes that are left after brewing coffee are known as coffee grounds. They are suitable for replacing fossil fuel and coal after being converted into the pellets. These pellets are used for cooking, home heating, boilers and the industrial stoves.

How to make coffee husk and coffee ground into pellets?

Coffee has a huge demand in the market and hence it is produced widely in different parts of the world like Brazil, Vietnam, Indonesia, and Colombia. The coffee husk that is left behind after the cultivation of coffee can be converted into an extremely valuable fuel, which is known as the coffee pellet. Coffee pellets are becoming important sources of energy which are used for the generation of electricity. You should have a proper knowledge on how to make coffee husk and coffee grounds pellets.

Pelletizing of the coffee husks and grounds is almost similar to the other materials and it includes drying the husks or grounds, crushing them, pelletizing, cooling, and finally, packing. In order to cut down the cost of production, the place that is selected should be close to the area of producing raw materials. In order to gain a high calorific value, corn cobs, peanut shell, bagasse and coffee husks or grounds, together in various percentages, have to be used.

The pellet machine consists of the pelletizing chamber and the rollers and dies, which play an important job of changing the structure of the raw materials. The machine discharges all the structured material with the help of the die hole and changes them into the pellet shapes in the process. The pellets are cooled, and finally, they are packed so that it is easy to deliver them.

Advantages of these coffee husk and coffee grounds pellets

These pellets are advantageous in comparison to the other biomass pellets because of numerous factors. These factors include:

  • These pellets are capable of producing a high heat value in comparison to the pellets of agricultural waste.
  • The cost of production of these pellets is low as the materials are available in abundance due to the huge production of coffee in various places. The machines that are used for the process of pelletizing the coffee husks and coffee grounds are also not very expensive.
  • The agricultural wastes and the forestry residues are collected from the paper plants, croplands, sawmill, and furniture factory, whereas coffee husks and grounds are the leftovers of the cultivated land or brewed coffee. This product does not cause any harm to the human body.

Pellets are a steady source and they can be used freely and easily whenever you want. Additionally, they do not take much space for storage in comparison to the other biomass fuels. They can be burnt conveniently and if you have the pellet stoves, you do not have to handle the firewoods.

It requires a little more time than firewood, but it is safer and simpler. Another important thing that you should remember is that you can adjust the shape of the pellets for meeting the requirements. Pellets not only help in saving energy but ensure that you do not harm the environment any manner.

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