Choice of Charcoal Briquette Machines in Price And Quality

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Important Factor of Charcoal Briquette: Price VS Quality

Nowadays, many people choose to invest in charcoal briquette plants, so the first step is that you need to buy charcoal briquette equipment. How do customers choose in terms of price and quality when purchasing a charcoal briquette machine?

Selection of Charcoal Briquette Machines in Price and Quality
Price VS Quality

When buying a charcoal briquette machine, you must not just look at the price. The quality of expensive equipment is not necessarily good, and the cheap one is not necessarily bad. The production cost of charcoal briquette equipment is limited. In pursuit of high prices, some manufacturers and suppliers will cut corners and may use cheaper materials, and this leads to a shorter product life.

When customers choose charcoal briquette equipment, the core part is indispensable

When purchasing charcoal briquette equipment, you should also pay attention to the material used in the core part of the charcoal briquette machine, and whether the core part is designed with a reasonable structure.  Don't ignore it because of the price. After the low-priced charcoal briquette machine is bought back, if the main body has problems, the machine will continue to malfunction and cannot be produced, and it will not be possible to make money for investors. On the contrary, after buying the good-quality equipment back, the machine is in normal use and operation, and it continues to produce, which can bring benefits to investors.

Small Part of Charcoal Briquette Equipment
Small Part
Core Part of Charcoal Briquette Equipment
Core Part

The purchase of charcoal briquette machine must be based on the quality, whether the equipment can operate normally, whether the core parts are abnormal, and whether the raw materials used can produce good-quality charcoal briquette….As long as a good mechanism carbon can be produced, it can be sold at a good price.

Customers who buy  charcoal briquette equipment should not only look at the price, but also look at the quality of the machine. If the quality of the equipment is good, there will be fewer problems, and it will be able to produce good  charcoal briquette and bring better benefits.

Screw Charcoal Briquette Machine Working Video

Reasons for The Poor Quality of Charcoal Briquetting Equipment

Many people invest in charcoal briquetting equipment to produce good charcoal  briquette so that it is profitable. If you want to use charcoal briquette machines to produce high-quality charcoal briquette, you must be proficient in certain production processes and technologies to meet charcoal briquetting production. So what is the reason for the poor quality of charcoal machine products?

Charcoal Briquette Made by Biomass Briquette Machine
Charcoal Briquettes Made by Biomass Briquette Machine

  • 1. The raw materials are not clean: The main research method is to control the transportation process of raw materials to ensure that the raw materials are not polluted by the environment during the transportation process; another important aspect is to control the storage technical conditions of the raw materials. Try to avoid the pollution of sand and soil. At the same time, we must also control the sources of raw materials.
  • 2. The raw material itself has a high ash content: Some raw materials have a relatively large ash content,for example, rice husks, straws, weeds, etc. Generally speaking, charcoal briquette can not be used in the barbecue food industry, but can only be used in the industry.
  • 3. High carbonization temperature: If the temperature of the carbon briquette production line is too high, the carbon element will escape together with hydrogen and oxygen, so the carbon is relatively light and the ash will not escape, that is, the ash content of the carbon will increase relatively.

The above problems are the reasons why the charcoal quality of the charcoal briquetting machine is not good. When operating the charcoal machine, the user needs the enterprise to perform analysis and operation according to the necessary conditions, and to avoid the above problems. This ensures that the charcoal machine can produce a good charcoal briquettes.

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