Biomass Briquettes Applications and Advantages

Briquetting Press Machines are widely used to generate heat as an industrial fuel like steam era in boilers, warming reason, drying process and gasification plant to supplant existing customary fuel like coal, wood and excessive fluid fuel like FO, Diesel, LDO, lamp oil and so on.

Bio coal is a chief forth coming fuel of the world. It's unbeatable quality asset towards economical, ecological, & advanced environmental conservation. Briquetting Press Machines helps in doing best from waste & cash from waste & also by using briquettes; we create a dust free & pollution free environment for our country.

Use of Renewable Briquettes as a fuel has shown very excellent & promising results. In general, Briquettes are majorly used in following industries / units:

Gasifier System Applications, Ceramic Industries, Refractory industries, Solvent Extraction Plant, Chemical Industries, Dying Units, Milk Plant, Food Processing Industries, Vegetable Plants, Textile Unit, Spinning Mill, Lamination Industries, Leather Industries, Brick Making Units, Rubber Industries, Bio mass based power plant, Any Industrial Thermal Applications

biomass briquettes

Briquetting Plants make briquette from the Agriculture waste and forestry waste. These wastes are changed over into strong round and hollow shape. The significant wastes which can be utilized are Ground nutshell, Cotton stalk, , Saw dust, Mustard stalks, , Wood chips, Soybean husk, Veneer buildups, Coir essence, , barks and straws ranger service squander etc....

A scope of Biomass Briquettes are prepared substitute of lignite, Coal, Wood in modern evaporator and block oven for warm application to produce heat. Biomass Briquettes are non ordinary wellspring of vitality, Eco-accommodating, Reusable in nature, non dirtying and prudent. Utilization of the bio coal is expanding step by step and has exceptionally request capable business sector because of its fuel cost sparing and contamination free attributes. The calorific estimation of Biomass Briquette is around 4000-4500 Kcal/Kg. In biomass briquette Net Utilization is around 85 % so the loss of warmth is very nearly 15 % while in lignite the use is around 53 % and the loss of warmth is around 47 %. Along these lines, biomass briquettes are most helpful and important.

Competitive Advantages of biomass briquettes

The biomass briquetting is the best renewable wellspring of vitality for environment and economy. It's completely Eco-friendly green energy project
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Advantages of Biomass Briquettes

Briquettes are fair substitutes for black coal and have several advantages over it:
  • More economical than coal
  • Unlike coal, briquettes are renewable sources of energy
  • Much more environmentally friendly when compared to coal
  • No residue or waste while burning briquettes
  • The burning of briquettes is more uniform as briquettes are more volatile as compared to other traditional fuels

Why use Briquettes?

Not only do briquettes have high potential to generate energy, but it also helps in reducing land, soil and air pollution. Moreover, this process of recycling biowaste and converting it into fuel is very economical and also has low maintenance cost.

Briquettes are rapidly gaining popularity and are becoming the first choice of industries as a primary source of energy.

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