Wood Shredder

This chain plate type composite wood shredding machine has wide raw material ranges, such as undrsized log, slab, batten, log core, etc. and also corn stalk, cotton stalk, reed, and so on.

As it adopts chain plate type intelligent feeding, it can automatically adjust feeding speed in accordance with main motor load, so that the machine can run with normal load and preventing no-load or overload. In consequence, the material feeding is smoother, and productivity is greatly improved.

Composite wood shredder main technical parameters
Model number WQCC-1250-500 WQCC-1400-500 WQCC-1400-800
Knife-cylinder speed (r/min) 650 926 926
Knife-cylinder Diameter (mm) 800 800 1100
Quantity of flying knife (piece) 4 24 24
Inlet diameter (mm) 1260×500 1400×500 1400×800
Main motor power (kw) 132-160 200 250
Weight (t) 13.8 18.6 24.6
Capacity(t/h) 12-15 18-20 25-28
Size (mm) 7300*3000*2230 8600×2480×2800 11000×2480×3250

wood shredder
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