How to Choose a Small Pellet Mill

Small pellet mill has relatively small capacity. That's why it is used for small plant or farm, work shop or home. The pellets can be used for home heating and cooking. Basically it is a renewable energy source for cost beneficial burning.
Working process:- Crushing → Drying→ Pellet formation →Cooling→Pellets
Raw material of small pellet mill:
- it depends on use whether is for personal use or commercial use.
  • For personal use it is normally crop waste in farmland. For producing wood pellet for commercial purpose it is wood shaving from the saw mill.
  • For large pellet plant the branches and wood logs are used.
  • And for long term a contract can be made with saw mill for logs and wood shaving.


 Small Pellet Mill

small pellet mills


1. Crusher mill - it pulverize the raw material into fine particle size into maximum 5 mm in diameter.
2. Dryer- it is used for removal of moisture from the pulverized material. In small pellet plant the airflow dryer is used while on large scale rotators drum drier is used.
3. Small pellet mill- it can be of electric type or diesel type.Roller and flat presses the raw material and extrude it via die holes.
4. Pellet cooler- it has high temperature for pellet cooling, for small scale production the pellet cooler is not necessary.
5. Pellet packing machine is also necessary if the pellets are for sale.
Based on popularity electric pellet mill are most popular for sale.
Pros of electric small pellet mill-
1. They are easily operable and less maintenance required.
2. Electric small pellet mills are environment friendly, there is no pollution.
3. These are available at LOW PRICE and they are portable also.

There are two types of small pellet mills: D-type and R-type

R-type- it is suitable for hardwood processing like hickory, birch, oak, elm tree and Cyprus. And the pellets can be made up to the size of 12mm in diameter. It has diesel type also. The life of rotating roller is much longer then traditional designed. It has rotating roller shaft with stationary die.

D-type- it is much suitable for sawdust processing. It is ideal for making pellet from saw dust, crop waste, straw and pinewood. It has rotating die with stationary roller. the size of die hole can be adjusted according to requirement and the available raw material, which also reflects the diameter of pellets.they have driving gear which is made up of superior alloy steel which benefits by making low noise, smooth transmission , longer life and slow rise in temperature because of reduced friction and better tolerance against high pressure. These are comparatively cheaper than R-type, so for financial reasons you can go for this type.

While buying a pellet mill there are some points which needs to be considered-
1. Quality- it always comes first. it is the nucleus of pellet production. You should buy the certified product only.
2. Cost- it is also need to be considered would be the best to buy a proper product from the dealer at lowest price, but quality should not be compromised while considering the cost factor.
3. Purpose- buyer is to be focused on his requirements, like he is purchasing for personal/household use or for commercial production of pellets.
4. Spare parts availability and after sale value- spare part of the product must be easily and cost effectively available. And resale value is supposed to be good also.

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