Log Splitter

Wood log splitter is important auxiliary equipment in wood processing industry, especially for industrial wood pellet production whose raw material is wood log.

The horizontal type log splitter is most widely used. It adopts hydraulic working principle to split tree stump, large branches, large log and solid wood, etc. into the feeding size required by wood chipper. After splitting, the wood material can also be used for other purposes.
Model Dimensions
of worktable (mm)
Max. Log length (mm) Max. Log diameter (mm) Power (KW) Oil cylinder pressure (Tons) Overall size (mm) Weight  (kg)
GCWP-800 800x600 800 500 7.5 30 2800*600*1100 1200
GCWP-1000 1000x600 1000 650 11 35 3100*600*1200 1400
GCWP-1200 1200x600 1200 980 15 40 3400*650*1300 1800
GCWP-1500 1500x850 1500 1200 18.5 50 4200*1100*1500 2400

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