Choosing the Right Briquette Making Machine for Sale

Many small business owners who receive an email or message from sellers saying that they are offering a briquette making machine for sale at a reasonable price, would like to know the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing the machine, how it can help increase their profit and the feasibility of purchasing the machine. A briquetting machine is an ideal investment for an agro or wood based business which generates saw dust and other agro waste and also uses fuel for heating, drying or other similar process during manufacturing. The business may be spending money on disposal of the agro waste generated and the equipment can be used to make briquettes from the waste quickly.

One of the main considerations while finding a machine for making briquettes for sale is the capacity of the plant required. This will depend to a large extent on the amount and type of agro waste that is generated daily as part of the manufacturing process. The amount of agro waste which is generated should be calculated accurately, so that the machine of the right size is procured. Usually the price of a machine will increase depending on the production capacity of the machine, so it is not advisable to purchase a larger machine, if only a limited amount of raw material is available, and it is unlikely that the raw material availability will increase in future. 

Another consideration while selecting a machine for making biomass briquettes is the budget of the machine buyer. The cost of a new machine will usually be higher than a second hand machine which has been used for some time. However the manufacturer of the new machine is likely to offer better customer support on the machine for a period of one year at least, and the new machine will require less repairs and maintenance initially, as new components have been used. On the other hand, the suppliers of the second hand or refurbished briquetting equipment will usually not offer any kind of after sales support, or may offer to help for only a month after purchase of the machine.

A third important factor determining the selection of the machine to make briquettes is the type of raw material which is available. For most machines is easier and quicker to make briquettes from agro waste which is small in size like saw dust and does not contain much moisture. If the agro waste generated during the manufacturing process is larger in size, the equipment used for making briquettes should be modified to include a crusher which will reduce the size of the particles in the raw material so that they can be processed in the machine and converted into briquettes after applying pressure

Most manufacturers of the briquette machine will also specify that the agro waste being used as raw material should have moisture levels below the specified levels for optimal performance of the machine and quality of the briquettes produced. Often the briquettes will be stored for some time before being used, and if the moisture levels are high, it may be very effective as a fuel. It is also vital that the business owner does a detailed analysis of the expenses and savings before purchasing a machine for producing biomass briquettes to select the right model of the equipment.

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