How to Make Bagasse Briquettes?

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Bagasse is highly malleable. It can directly produce a variety of panels and profiles by changing different moulds or templates, which has great market value. The realisation of high-density composite material technology not only solves the problem of polluting emissions from agricultural waste and municipal waste, but also saves limited forestry resources, which will certainly have a great impact on the global environmental protection cause. As a result, a number of people are increasingly setting up bagasse pellet production plants to reap greater benefits.

Bagasse Briquettes Making Machine Manufacturer

Bagasse Briquettes Making Machine Manufacturer

ABC Machinery is a modern enterprise engaged in the design, manufacture, production and sales of mechanical equipment. The main products of bagasse briquettes making production line are machine-made charcoal machines, wood shredders, industrial dryers, coal briquette equipment, carbonization furnace equipment, etc. The equipment produced has a variety of specifications, stable performance and good quality!

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Uses of bagasse raw materials

1.Sugarcane bagasse has been used as feedstuff for many years. 

Many scholars at home and abroad have devoted themselves to the development and research of sugar mill by-products as feed, and have achieved certain results. Sugarcane bagasse is heated and entered into yeast for fermentation. After fermentation, the gas produced is expelled cleanly and the bagasse is dried and ground into fine powder, which can be used as animal feed.

2.Bagasse as an environmentally friendly material.

Bagasse Fibres
Length 0.65-2.17 mm
Width 21-28μm
  • Paper making.
Currently, the technology has matured to produce raw paper cups, fully degradable paper farm film and paper catering utensils using bagasse instead of wood. Among them, the fully degradable paper farm film is made from 100% bagasse pulp, which can be recycled for paper making and is naturally degradable. It is considered to be the most promising new achievement; catering made from bagasse has high whiteness and denseness, good temperature and oil resistance, non-toxic and odourless, and completely degradable within three months. There is no pollution of three wastes in the production process and production costs are greatly reduced.
  • Production of high-density composite materials.
The chemical composition of sugarcane bagasse is similar to that of wood, which is a good raw material for board making. Use bagasse resources to produce high-density composite materials. Due to the small specific gravity of bagasse and the good quality of the fibres, the prepared boards are strong and light in weight, and the boards and profiles produced are not subject to biological damage and are suitable for use in the furniture, construction, carriages, ships, packaging boxes and other manufacturing industries.

Production Process: Sugarcane Bagasse Crushing & Drying & Briquetting for Sales

Turning Waste into Treasure with Bagasse

Turning Waste into Treasure with Bagasse

Sugarcane bagasse crushing machine. To make machine-made charcoal, the size of the raw material is required to be under 3MM. Except for sawdust and rice husk, other raw materials need to be processed by a grinder.

Sugarcane bagasse tumbler screen. When the material enters the drum unit, due to the tilting and rotation of the drum unit, the material on the screen surface is turned and rolled so that the qualified material (the product under the screen) is discharged through the screen on the outer ring of the drum, while the unqualified material (the product on the screen) is discharged through the end of the drum. Due to the turning and rolling of the material in the drum, materials stuck in the screen holes can be ejected, preventing the screen holes from being blocked. The bagasse trommel screen is mainly used for screening raw materials when producing charcoal in charcoal machines.

Belt conveyor: conveying bagasse from the screen to the bagasse dryer, with strong conveying capacity, long conveying distance, simple structure, easy maintenance, and easy to realise programmed control and automatic operation. Continuous or intermittent movement of the conveyor belt is used for conveying items under 100KG or powder or granular items. It runs fast, smoothly, with little noise, and can convey up and down slopes.

Sugarcane bagasse dryer. Before making the bars, there are also strict requirements on the humidity of the raw material, which cannot be greater than 12%. If it is greater than that, the raw material needs to be dried.

Cooling material system. This system is the cooling treatment system for bagasse after it has been dried in the dryer.

Screw feeder. This equipment is used for conveying bagasse or fine-grained material in a process that requires two or more bifurcated channels for quantitative flow control. The screw distributor enables proportional control of two or more material flows, satisfying any proportional distribution of material flows and working in an ideal condition.

Briquette machine. After the raw material has been crushed and dried, the next step is the bar making stage. The crushed and dried material is processed into carbon rods (semi-finished products) under high temperature and pressure by the rod making machine. The rods can be made into 50mm, 60mm, 70mm and 80mm hollow rods according to customer requirements.

Part of Bagasse Briquettes Making Equipment
Part of Bagasse Briquettes Making Equipment
Sugarcane Bagasse Crusher
Sugarcane Bagasse Crusher
Bagasse Briquetting Bins after Drying
Bagasse Briquetting Bins after Drying
Installation of a Small Bagasse Briquette Production Line
Installation of a Small Bagasse Briquette Production Line


Video of Sugarcane bagasse production line

ABC Machinery has good technical equipment and various machine tools, and dozens of technicians are responsible for the design and production of the company's products. The company uses computer design tools to analyze, design, inspect, and test products to provide users with good products.

Over the years, ABC Machinery has received unanimous praise from customers for its excellent product performance, quality assurance and after-sales service. The company adheres to the modern enterprise management model, and welcomes friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and negotiate business!


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