Why Does the Density of Charcoal Briquette Affect Briquette Machine Price and Cost?

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high quality briquette production processing
High Quality Briquette Production Processing

As we all know, the most critical step in making machine-made charcoal is the briquette machine. The briquette making machine is a relatively important supporting equipment in the machine-made charcoal production line, which plays a decisive role in the production of charcoal fuel briquettes, especially for customers with high quality requirements, the briquette making machine can be said to determine the quality of the production, and the impact on the density of charcoal fuel briquettes is obvious. If you are looking for suitable briquette machines for your production, pelase  contact us for information!

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Several Factors Affecting the Density of Briquette Machine 

 High-quality Raw Materials

The briquette machine needs to select high-quality wood raw materials during the briquette making process, and also needs to select the appropriate size of the crushed material. The appropriate moisture content also needs to be considered. 

Common Raw Material of Briquette
Raw Material Calorific value - Kcal/Kg Ash %
Castor Seed Shells 3860 8
Saw Dust 4400 1.2
Cotton Stalks / Chips 4200 3.01

Briquetting Machine Price and Cost

The current market for briquetting machines is rather chaotic. Most people who have just entered the industry only pay attention to the price of equipment and plan to buy the cheap machines so that they often overlook the most necessary point: the quality of the briquetting machines.

The advantages of the high-density briquette machine are immediately apparent .The carbonized briquettes are strong, dense, and have a large specific weight, so, it means that you can sell at a higher price and make money. When purchasing equipment, do not only pay attention to the appearance and the price of the briquette machine without understanding the internal structure and materials. As a result, the finished product is used and sold because of its low density.Therefore, here is a suggestion for everyone preparing to set up a briquetting making mill: start a business plan first. If you want professional guidance, please contact us!

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  The Operation of Briquette Machinery

The briquette machine needs better operation and use. The density of the fuel briquettes produced by the machine-made charcoal machine is uneven, which is mainly caused by the operation of the briquette making machine.

  • Pre-heating: When the briquette making machine starts to work, in order to reduce the starting current of the motor, a higher start-up temperature is generally set. At this time, if the sleeve is too thick, it is easy to have a lot of bad briquettes. Once the density of the briquettes is abnormal, Inexperienced operators did not heat up in advance, which caused the briquetting to stop.
  • Temperature control:After selecting the raw materials, you need to pay attention to the operation process. Temperature fluctuations and temperature control methods also have a certain impact on the briquette making density of the briquette making machine. During the briquette making process, if the temperature fluctuates too much, it will affect the internal pressure and pressure of the briquette, which causes the uneven density of the charcoal fuel briquettes. 

Body Size of the Briquette Machine 

Undoubtedly, the bearing box with high density and large body must be large. In addition, at the rear of the bearing box, that is, the tail, the main shaft should be thick. The diameter of the main shaft of the general small machine body is about 70mm, but the diameter of the main shaft of the high-density large machine body is about 110mm, and there are three independent bearings in the bearing box.

  • First of all, the density of the briquette made by this machine must be higher, because the higher the density, the carbonization at the end. In one step, the quality of the charcoal will be better and more resistant to burning.
  • Secondly, for the high-density large body, there are now two types of propellers that can be replaced, one is a two-section propeller, and the other is a whole propeller, which once again increases the density of the produced briquettes.

Factory Price High Quality Briquette Machine for Sale

To sum up, when buying a briquetting machine, pay attention to the density of the finished product. This factor will also affect the price of the briquetting machine. If you want to obtain quality-guaranteed equipment,  please don't hesitate to contact us! Besides, here will also provide you with factory price briquetting machinery and high-quality after-sales service!


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