Biomass Briquette Manufacturing Plant Significance

What is a Briquette manufacturing plant?

New technologies are evolving at a rapid rate every day. Therefore, it is possible to find yourself unaware of most of them unless you are an adamant reader. One of such technology is the production of biomass briquettes. To curb the increased level of global warming and immense pollution around the globe, scientists have established biomass briquette manufacturing plants. Briquette manufacturing plants are Eco-friendly companies that use advanced technology to convert industrial, agricultural, and forestry waste into solid blocks used as bio-fuel. Engineers apply the binder less technology, which involves the use of high mechanical pressure to produce cylindrical or hexagon shaped briquettes, thus no need for chemical or binder. The plants have been established in most of the developed countries although, they are yet to gain a stronghold in developing countries now.

biomass briquette manufacturing plant

The Benefits of Biomass Briquette Manufacturing Plant

Currently, pollution is increasing because of the growing level of industrialization. This has led to the massive use of cheap and traditional sources of energy such as petrol, coal, and lignite. Despite, being cheap, these energy sources cause immense pollution and are non-renewable. However, to overcome this challenge, scientists adopted a modern technology known as biomass briquettes, which provides adequate renewable energy. Unlike most of the manufacturing industries, whose primary goal is to make profit, briquette manufacturing plant's major goal is to have greener surroundings and preserve the environment. They produce bio-fuel products that can be used as an alternative to non-renewable fossil fuels, in numerous manufacturing industries such as boilers, furnaces, and kilns.

biomass briquettes burningThe use of this form of energy reduces global warming. In most cases, the briquettes are made from animal waste (cow manure, horse manure, etc.) and plants. Therefore, they do not produce toxic substances or greenhouse gases that cause global warming. The manufacture of briquettes eradicates the need of importing or exporting the fossil oil around the globe. This implies that only a few countries will use the fossil as a source of energy, thus reducing the emission of toxic gases in most parts of the world.

The use of biomass briquettes is cheaper when compared to other energy sources. Unlike coal which must be mined from a particular area, briquettes are manufactured near the consumption areas. Therefore the cost of supply is cheap. They have higher boiler efficiency because of higher density and low moisture content. The technology to produce the biomass briquettes in the manufacturing plants is known as densification, and it consumes less volume of energy for maximum power output. Unlike the loose biomass, the briquette manufacturing plants ensure that the briquettes are extremely compressed, a quality that allows them to burn for a prolonged period.

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With the numerous innovations that are happening on daily basis, it should be expected that biomass briquettes will soon be the largest source of energy for most countries. Biomass briquette is a significant step towards protecting the environment while at the same time ensuring that our lives are Eco-friendly. The overwhelming success in the manufacturing of briquettes is an indication that the technology has emerged as very promising for entrepreneurs and environmentalists all over the globe.

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