Municipal Solid Refuse Pelletizing Test for Indonesia Client

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  • Pellets Making Testing Time: Oct. 31st, 2018
  • Purpose: making municipal solid refuse into fuel pellets

On Oct. 31st, 2018, ABC Machinery made pelletizing test for our client from Southeast Asia. He wants to make the municipal waste refuse into fuel pellets to fully make use of the refuse and reduce environmental pollution.
Raw material municipal solid refuse
municipal solid refuse

Crushing municipal solid refuse
crushing municipal solid refuse

After crushing, moisture content is OK (The raw material has been air-dried for a week)
municipal solid refuse after crushing

Municipal solid refuse pelletizing
municipal solid refuse pelletizing

Municipal solid refuse pellets
municipal solid refuse pellets


Municipal waste refuse also known as garbage consist of everyday waste disposed by institutions, households or industries. It includes food, plastic bags, bottles or anything else disposable.
MWR has poor fuel characteristics and its pre-processing is necessary to improve characteristics such as storage and handling, consistency, combustion behavior and its calorific value.

The Purpose of Making Municipal Waste Refuse into Fuel Pellets

The conversion of this solid waste is an alternative to an environmentally clean environment. Waste disposal has been a problem to many governments the alternative of changing waste to fuel pellets is the solution to waste management. New and existing power plants globally have shown their interest in refuse derived fuel (RDF). MSW is a problem for most municipalities in the world. Manchester in the UK has already funded a firm to produce RDF and there are other cities in the world have also started to embrace this new innovative technology for waste disposal.

Benefits of RDF

  • Environmental benefits
The environmental effect of waste in water, air and land can be solved if the process of changing waste to pellets is effective. Waste produces harmful chemicals to the air and water. The use of this waste to produce fuel pellets is good for the environment.
  • Economic benefits
RDF in case studies has shown that the fuel can be used as a supplement in cement production. Money that would be used in energy production stays in the local economy due to the reduced cost of energy.
The sale of biomass and the reduced cost of waste disposal in turn benefits locals in rural and urban areas. This is a major economic benefit to society in times of high energy usage. In this process of processing and transportation the government is able to offer jobs.
  • Resource conservation benefits
Use of wastes in disposed in non-sanitary land hills is a way to preserve fossil fuels.
  • Alternative management
Municipalities have had problems in the past in waste disposal. Now that there is an available solution to recycle and use waste as a fuel, the problem is close to being solved. Countries are funding plants to get rid of the waste and produce RDF.

The process of making municipal waste refuse pellets

First the waste is treated in a pre-shredder and magnetic separator.
In the separator the low calorific waste are separated. The remaining waste is sorted as metal and non-metal.
The non-metal wastes are then sent to the crusher where they are crushed to the appropriate size for cement production. The fuel produced is RDF.
The moisture and calorific value are the most important factors in fuel production. They are then measured and decreased by drying before being fed to the cement kiln.
Governments are now adapting to this criteria in conversion of MSW to RDF. Due to its economic, conservation and environmental benefits this is the future of fuel pellets production. RDF can be used in industries and currently recommended for use in the cement industry. To save energy and reduce harmful emissions plants are adapting and processing RDF.
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