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Making Rabbit Feed Pellets

Advancement in technology has led to introduction of different kinds of machines. Among these is the rabbit feed pellet machine. This machine is also called the rabbit feed pellet mill or the rabbit feed pellet press. This machine takes individual food materials in small quantities and blends them together into a uniform substance. Rabbits have a special kind of digestive system which requires them to be fed on a special kind of diet for growth and development. The diet should be rich in fiber and poor in proteins. But generally, a rabbit's diet should contain carbohydrates, vitamins, fats, minerals, proteins, fiber and water. When using a rabbit feed pellet machine, it is possible to provide all these food components in the rabbits diet.

rabbit feed pellets
There are different types of rabbit feed pellet mills. The types are classified depending on the quantity of pellets produced. The two types frequently found in the market are the flat die pellet mill and the ring die pellet mill. Selecting which type of machine to buy involves several considerations. The amount of room available for the machine is important. If the space available is small, then one may have to buy a machine that takes up little space. The buying price is another consideration. The cost of the machines is different. An individual's budget will thus play a role in determining which machine to settle for. Some environments can accommodate the noise made by the machine while other environments cannot put up with this noise. Thus an individual has to evaluate the environment to decide which machine to go for with regards to noise pollution.
There are several advantages of using this feed pellet machine.
  • Firstly, all food materials are mixed and blended together into a pellet, hence a rabbit has no opportunity to become a selective eater. This reduces the risk of malnutrition when a rabbit chooses to eat some foods over others. Rabbits' pellets have abundant nutrients and in the correct amounts. This is key in raising high quality rabbits if the purpose of rearing the rabbits is to make good profit from their sale.
  • Secondly, pellets are more solid and compact than the individual food materials from which pellets are made from. Due to the compactness of pellets, the storage area required is significantly less. Also, one is able to transport much more rabbit feed in form of pellets as compared to transporting the different components of the rabbit feed individually. As a result, it is much more economical transporting rabbit pellets.

  • Thirdly, during pellet formation, some microorganisms are killed. Examples of these include the bacteria salmonella and Escherichia coli. Elimination of such bacteria from the rabbit pellets decreases the risk of the rabbit getting sick.
In conclusion, rabbit feed pellet machine is a great addition to the market. The changes that individual rabbit feed components go through to form pellets results in a compact product containing appreciable advantages. Top on the list of advantages is the high yields which are usually the goal of any endeavor.



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