Animal Feed Pellet Machine Applications And Advantages


Animals can have better and improved performance after feeding on pelleted feed compared to the mixed rations. The animal feed pellet mills or the animal feed pellet machines are suitable for making small feed pellets of different types of solid grain. This pellets of reasonable size are made for chicken, quails, ducks, geese and other livestock such as cattle, pigs and rabbits. The raw materials used in the feed pellet making include rice, corn, bran from wheat, beans and rice. Pellet diameter ranges from 2-10 millimeters in relation to the desired pelleted product.

Types and general features of feed pellet machines

Animal feed pellet machines include electric flat die feed pellet machine, diesel flat die feed pellet machine and the ring die feed pellet machine. The feed pellet machine which uses electricity - electric flat die feed pellet machine - as its source of power is the most widely used in many poultry farms and breeding farms. The average capacity for a feed pellet machine is 300-400 kilograms of raw material per hour of production. The average shaft speed of this machine is 320 revolutions per minute which makes it efficient and reliable in a farm.

animal feed pellet machine


Routine maintenance of the feed pellet machine improves operational efficiency and the quality of the pellets. Maintenance procedures include lubrication of bearings, replacement of wearing parts and the checking of oil levels in the gear boxes.

Pelleting process

  1. Raw materials properly mixed according to the farmer’s preference are fed into the pellet mill feeder which regulates the rate at which the raw materials are delivered to the pelleting equipment.
  2. The mixed materials which should be dry at all times are blended together with steam in a chamber called the conditioner to make mash (wet mash).
  3. The wet mash is sent by gravity to the next stage which is the pelleting chamber where it is pushed forward and conversion into various size and shapes ensues.
  4. The hot pellets (feed pellets) drop by gravity to a cooling machine. Cooling of the hot feed pellets ensures they are hard and durable.
  5. The screening machine is the next chamber where scalping of the feed pellets is done.


  • Raw materials for pellet making are obtained with great ease.
  • The feed pellet machine requires minimal skills to operate and service
  • Most animal feed pellet machines are small in size and are light making them handy for farm use.
  • Using the animal feed pellet machines helps to accurately gauge the dietary needs of the animals and also the amount of feed required by the animal for production and maintenance purposes.
  • The small scale animal feed pellet machine is easy to purchase (affordable) and does not require special skills to assemble.
  • Feed pellet machine processes feed to pellets which consequently makes transportation and storage more convenient.


A successful small scale or large scale livestock unit will solely depend on the availability and amount of quality feed available to the animals. This can be achieved through the use of animal feed pelleting machines. Many farms using this machine realize high profits at the end of a business year and income is assured all year round. Adopting this can revolutionize livestock keeping and this will lead to having large quantities and sustainable livestock products in the market.

small feed pellet plant

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