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Wood pellet press is a true gem in the energy sector as it turns waste into treasure. It is the kind of machine that compresses the woody waste such as sawdust, agricultural residues, energy crops, and food wastes without necessarily bonding materials. As the demands of the biomass energy increases so as the need for more wood pellets to provide the much needed fuel. As a result, the state-of-the-art wood pellet mill that can produce high quality wood pellets has never been on demand than now.

Luckily there are highly effective wood pellet press machines in the market currently. These machines are made and shrouded with durable materials, and as such, they can apply the necessary pressure without breaking their external and internal components. Besides, they are developed to handle different wood species such as hardwood, softwood, those with lots of lignin or not, and those with excellent cohesiveness and those that are not cohesive without compromising on the quality of wood pellets produced.

Here are two popular wood pellet presses that you can reliably use to produce high quality wood pellets.

1. The Flat Die Pellet press

The Flat Die Pellet Press (Technical datas) dates back to the 20th century. It was originally designed to convert animal feeds by compressing them into compact sizes so as to lower transportation cost and eliminate wastage. The production of wood pellets using the Flat Die Pellet press only became possible in the 1970s out of curiosity of some manufacturers of animal feed who choose to turn wood waste into wood pellets using this machine. Their curiosity paid off as it sparked the production wood pellets and the growth of the entire industry of biomass energy to what we know today.

small wood pellet press

How does flat die pellet press work? Well, it embraces a simple technology to produce high quality wood pellets with high fuel energy. The machine has solid metals that are positioned between rollers. The wood waste is introduced from the top and as they pass through the rollers they are pressed and rolled through the die into pellets as they exit the machine.

Flat die pellet press come in different shapes and sizes with the difference coming as a result of the model design. Generally they have improved over time to embrace premium features such as larger handling capacity and low energy consumption.

2. Ring Die Pellet press

Ring Die Pellet Mill (technical datas) has a history that is closely associated with the production of animal feeds. It is uniquely designed with the wood pellet mill being aligned in a vertical position. The wood waste is introduced into the machine through the centre of the die. The multiple compression rollers encased with the mill compresses the wood waste through the die as they exit the machine. It is the die that is powered to rotate in the ring die pellet press, and in the process the rollers subsequently rotate due to the friction between the components.

large wood pellet press

In conclusion the two models produce wood pellets that are low in moisture content as well as having incredibly high combustible value. Besides, the pellets produced can be stored with a lot of easy or better yet can be conveniently transported. And there is more! Wood pellet press will help you to have a clean and sustainable environment by turning waste into highly valued energy products.

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